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Good to be home…

This finicky Michigan winter did it again, so I left and spent five months in nine countries traveling mostly on boats in South East Asia. The Mekong Delta, the Malacca Straits and the Andaman Sea all offered no resemblance of Traverse City and I marveled whilst wallowing in a well deserved life change. The influences […]

Kabrewing goes big!

Kabrewing with 231 Outfitters & the River in Traverse City has made the national news! Via the Washington Post: It’s not a new term; it’s sported in several modern dictionaries. Nor is it a concept new to Traverse City. Mike Sutherland said his outfitters have offered it in Traverse City for six years. Paddle for Pints […]

The Swell Season(s)

6/16/2015 It has been said that without sadness, we would not know happiness. Without pain we would not know comfort. And without the brazen Northern winter, we would not know the joy and relief of summer in TC. Every year as we ponder this onerous cliche we realize how unrelentingly true it really is. It’s the inescapable truth of the […]

Spring Morels have sprung!

Legends ran rampant as the youngest of six growing up in Glen Arbor, Michigan. Traditions were formed generations before me, laboriously hunting the undeniable King of mushrooms known simply as “morels”. My Father Dale gifted me this tradition and in the spring, when the trillium and leeks can be seen from M­72 in Leelanau County, […]

An Idyllic Afternoon on Victoria Creek

By Tree Sturman I have always thought of a double kayak as a kind of “couples therapy,” a recreational analogue to the dreaded leather couch. But if you have the tremendous good fortune to be married to your best friend, then a double kayak, a transcendent landscape and a free afternoon are all you’ll ever […]

A Perfect Sunday on the Water

On the most perfect of Sunday mornings in April, what more could two outdoor junkies in “the 231” hope for than a pair of kayaks and an uninterrupted day on the most beautiful river in Michigan. It’s 10:30am at Scheck’s Place and the Boardman is cruising along at its usual spring velocity. The promise of […]

Henry Ford? Really?

I tested the ice last night. April Fools Day and all sorts of tomorrows headlines flashed before my eyes: “Bonehead Captain Mike found frozen solid on West Bay”. I was headed for Power Island, about a 1 mile walk from the East Shore of West Bay on Old Mission Peninsula. Ironically, in the famously horrible […]

Spring on Traverse City’s TART Trail

First day of Spring 2015 and oldest son Fisher and I left Mile Marker “0” from the bike and kayak rental shack at The River at Clinch Park downtown TC on West Bay, to ride 17 speed skinny tired Fuji Hybrids to Sabin Dam for an interview with Steve Largent at the Grand Traverse Nature […]

Adventure Near the 45th Parallel is Good for the Soul 365!

My son Fisher and I snuck down to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua for a couple weeks and returned to 30 and 40 degrees below zero temps in Traverse City this past Thursday in March. The Pacific Ocean and the air temps were both in the nineties. The disparity in climate was remarkable. Incidentally, emotional […]